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Zaparas Lawyers are personal injury experts in WorkCover, TAC, Public Liability, Superannuation and Asbestos related claims. We believe in a society where all individuals have appropriate redress when they suffer an injury. All people should feel comfortable and confident when engaging legal representation, and through intensive application of the law and a service based on accessibility, caring and transparency, we aim to ensure that this is the case.

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Benefits to injured workers

Every worker has the right to expect total safety while on the job, but when things go wrong...

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Benefits to people injured in vehicle accidents

TAC was established by the Victorian Government to provide benefits to people injured in accidents...

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Insurance benefits relating to superannuation

Superannuation benefits are payable in circumstances where you or a loved one have...

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Public liability

Unexpected injury or death

Unexpected injury or death is a tragedy. Even more so when it occurs as a result of the failure...

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Compensation for lung diseases

Asbestos related injuries may manifest many years after the initial exposure.

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“I have the utter most respect for Yianni and his family. His father Peter was just like a Dad, always smiling and reassuring me that I will get through this.”

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“Thanks very much for your help, you have been amazing and I can't write in words the job you have done for me, I mean to say it can not be explained in words, the whole case went so smooth just because you were there for me, you are really masters of your trade, I am highly obliged for all you did for me, Thanks very very much, Munish”

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“No quote here (and this is an error).”

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“Without the professional help of the team at Zaparas I would still be swimming in the quagmire that is our legal system. ”

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“My name is John. In September 2006 I was involved in a car accident and sustained a serious injury from another driver's errors. I waited at first, hoping it would naturally heal, but I eventually began to realise the gravity of my situation. ”

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