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National Road Safety Week

    road safety
    08 May 2019

    Zaparas Lawyers support the National Road Safety Week, which is held from 6th May – 12th May.

    Each day around 3 people are killed on our roads, while hundreds of others are severely injured. To put these alarming statistics into perspective, in one year 1,200 people lose their lives and approximately 35,000 are seriously injured or left fighting for their lives. The impact goes beyond just the victim's and extends to family and friends. 

    "As an injury lawyer, I get to witness firsthand the devastating impact unsafe driving has had on my clients who have been injured through no fault of their own", says Stuart Mcleod, Senior Associate at Zaparas Lawyers Upper Coomera. "Not only do the victims have to live with the ongoing effects of their injuries, their families and friends also take on the burden and struggle, both physically and emotionally... unsafe driving is never worth the impact it can have on someone's life".

    Each day this week will focus on a different area of road safety. Zaparas Lawyers encourage you to participate by following a different theme each day.

    Wednesday: Move over and slow down.

    When you see emergency services, roadside assistance and roadside workers flashing lights, slow down and give way. 

    Thursday: Protecting every life 

    Not only are cars exposed to road disasters, but pedestrians are also. Drive safely to protect all lives and keep in mind the safety of pedestrians of all ages. 

    Friday: Shine the light on regional and remote road users

    Turn your headlights on for road safety and protect your friends so that you all reach your homes safely.

    Saturday: Yellow Ride Day – Cyclists and motorcyclists.  

     Share the roads and give enough space to cyclists and motorcyclists. 

    Sunday: Mother’s Day

    The best and most expensive gift you can give to Mum is to safely arrive at home. Drive so you and others survive.

    For more information, please visit: