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    What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

    What they have to say

    Mar 2018

    Lara did an excellent job, very friendly and professional! Thank you to Zaparas Lawyers for all the help.

    Feb 2018

    From the first minute of meeting Peter Zaparas I felt comfortable and reassured that my claim was in good hands. Zaparas being a family-owned and family-run firm gave me a sense of security and meant that I had a different level of care compared to the other big corporate lawyers who don't remember your name after you've left.

    Jan 2018

    Being a family business gave me and my wife a sense of true understanding and comfort from everyone at Zaparas Lawyers. Keep up the good work guys!

    Dec 2017

    Communication was great! They were always happy to answer questions and were completely honest with the whole process. 

    Dec 2017

    I appreciate my doctor for directing me to Zaparas Lawyers. From day one they have been amazing. I have to say thank you to Jon as well for helping me a lot. They always called me to see how I was and explained how everything worked. I really do appreciate Zaparas Lawyers for everything they did for me. They are the best firm ever. I would recommend Zaparas Lawyers to anyone. 

    Dec 2017

    They spoke to me in my native language, were very organised and tackled the case without wasting either parties time.

    Dec 2017

    Zaparas patiently and meticulously pursued all aspects of the claim to ensure a successful and satisfactory result. They kept me thoroughly informed of progress at all stages of the case and answered all my questions, provided sound advice to assist me form my instructions. Very professional.

    Aug 2017

    After first having another law firm to look after my case, I was confused and lost on how someone in my situation after a large car accident could be treated the way I was.

    In dismay I got some advice from my pain management specialist to contact Zaparas Lawyers. Best thing I could have ever done.

    After my first meeting with Zaparas, I knew I had found someone that had my best interests at heart. Gabriella Boyd was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the entire legal process.