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No Win - No Charge

Client Reviews

    Our most important critics

    What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

    What they have to say

    Mar 2019

    Nemra has been extremely supportive, understanding and empathetic. She is amazing and I would recommend her.

    Mar 2019

    They represented me with professionalism and every time I contacted them in person or by phone they always took the time to clarify all the information.

    Mar 2019

    The communication and responses to emails and phone calls was very prompt which we were very impressed with. The advice was clear and concise and Mark was able to break down the 'legal jargon' in a manner that was understandable. 

    Thank you to Mark for supporting us through this claim and for having faith in a favourable outcome and for staying positive throughout the matter.

    Your professionalism and support was very much appreciated.

    Mar 2019

    My family and I are grateful to Nathan and Zaparas Lawyers for fighting for us even at times when we thought they would stop... The team were patient and professional in their approach to my legal matter.

    Feb 2019

    Rania is so sweet, caring, kind and also thorough. She took the time to explain all the legal documents and make me feel at ease.

    Nov 2018

    I would like to thank Sharni for all her help with my superannuation claim. Sharni always kept me updated and was always available when I needed to ask a question.

    Sharni was so understanding through this difficult time and made the process as simple as possible for me.

    I am so grateful - thank you Sharni!

    Oct 2018

    Thank you so much for a great prompt outcome and your professionalism.

    Oct 2018

    Writing 'extremely satisfied' is an understatement of your diligence, courtesy and professionalism. You are genuinely outstanding.