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Another workplace accident: "Employers need to be doing more to prioritise workers safety".

    10 April 2019

    Another workplace accident: "Employers need to be doing more to prioritise workers safety".


    • The 18-year-old man is killed on a worksite when a nine-story scaffolding tower collapsed on a worksite last Monday.
    • Zaparas Lawyers say that whilst no one has been killed on the Yarraville worksite, it highlights an alarming rate of unsafe work practices that are putting men and women at risk.
    • Zaparas Lawyers currently represent hundreds of injured workers due to unsafe work practices.
    • Not enough is being done to ensure employers are prioritising the safety of their employees on construction sites.


    Another worksite accident in the Melbourne suburb of Yarraville has again highlighted the dangerous work practices that are putting construction site workers at risk. This accident comes after an 18-year-old man was killed on a work site in Sydney when a nine-storey scaffolding tower collapsed last week.


    The eerie similarity highlights the ongoing work practices that are putting men and women dangerously at risk on construction sites.


    Founding Partner, Peter Zaparas of Zaparas Lawyers maintains that whilst thankfully not all injuries result in death, the injuries sustained on work sites can have life-changing effects.


    “We regularly represent men and women hurt on construction sites and in our experience these types of accidents often result in horrendous injuries with long term physical and psychiatric consequences, to both themselves and their families”.


    Zaparas Lawyers represent hundreds of clients each year who have been injured at work and believes that workplaces need to be doing more to ensure that accidents such as these are not repeated.


    “Every single client we have represented would happily trade any compensation they receive to get their health back”, said Mr. Zaparas. For this reason, he stresses the importance of reporting unsafe work practices.


    “Employees should ensure they prioritise the safety of their employees and any worker who feels that they may be at risk should contact WorkSafe”, said Mr. Zaparas.



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