What is a Workcover Notice of Assessment?

    13 March 2019

    If you are receiving Queensland workers’ compensation benefits following your injuries, these benefits can be stopped once your injuries become “stable and stationary,” which means your injury is unlikely to worsen or improve.  At this stage Workcover will issue you with a Notice of Assessment (NOA).

    What is a Workcover Notice of Assessment?
    An NOA is a document that details the injuries that you have suffered at your workplace and will include with a monetary offer called Statutory Lump Sum Offer. This offer is intended to cover all of your injuries from the workplace injury from that date onwards. The NOA will also provide the total permanent impairment for the injuries (known as the Degree of Permanent Impairment or “DPI”). The DPI value indicates the seriousness of your injury and it affects your ability to claim damages under common law.

    What to do when you get a Notice of Assessment?
    It is essential that you do not accept the NOA Lump Sum Offer without first seeking legal advice. Accepting the lump sum amount may mean you are no longer entitled to claim for damages at common law. This is not in your best interests as the damages at common law are much higher and are more likely to properly compensate for the injuries you have suffered.

    Accessing legal advice from Zaparas Lawyers could help you to decide whether you should:
    •    Accept the lump sum offer; or
    •    Reject the offer and sue for damages at common law.

    If the wrong decision is made, you can receive an amount much lower than you are entitled to.

    Call Stuart Macleod at Zaparas Lawyers on 07 5675 1300 for a free conversation to help you make the right decision.