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Alexis Gonzalez

    Alexis Gonzalez
    Management Services
    Client Services Coordinator
    Contact me:

    “I enjoy helping those in need by being their first point of contact with the firm, and trying my best to make them feel comfortable.”

    As the client service coordinator at Zaparas Lawyers’ Oakleigh office, Alexis Gonzalez is the smiling face that greets new clients as they take their first steps with Zaparas Lawyers.

    Skilled at building relationships, Alexis understands that entering a law firm, especially for the first time, can be an intimidating experience.

    Throughout her time as Zaparas Lawyers Alexis has acquired a vast understanding of personal injuries schemes. Alexis’ experience means she is capable of providing an unparalleled level of support to clients. Alexis always aims to put people at ease, valuing the opportunity to help injured people get the advice and support they need.

    She is proud to work at Zaparas Lawyers for its reputation for helping people in need and putting their wellbeing ahead of profit.

    A fluent Spanish speaker, she enjoys travelling and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.