Bastian Simrajh

    Bastian Simrajh
    Management Services
    Marketing & Business Development
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    D: (03) 8527 0224

    “To be able to play a role in assisting injured Australians to access the justice they deserve is something that I find immensely fulfilling.”

    With its transparent fee structure and steadfast commitment to protecting the rights of injured people, Zaparas Lawyers is an easy sell for Marketing and Business Development Coordinator Bastian Simrajh.

    "Marketing a business like Zaparas is every marketer's dream-- we genuinely offer the very best product in town,” he says.

    “However with this very privileged position in the marketplace come a great responsibility. We are constantly working to ensure that we are always providing those who have put their trust in us with a level of service that cannot be matched by our competitors.”

    With a passion for business growth, Bastian’s role is to help grow the firm by developing relationships and exploring new business opportunities with stakeholders across Australia.

    Outside work, he is an active member of numerous clubs, societies and community organisations and enjoys indulging in his great love for wine and history.

    Management Services