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Benny Chong

    Benny Chong
    Contact me:

    I take great pride in providing clients from all walks of life the best outcome possible.”


    Benny Chong is a Lawyer in Zaparas Lawyers’ Sunshine and Werribee office in Victoria.

    Benny specialises in providing motor vehicle accident compensation legal advice and representation.

    Benny has extensive and varied experience in the legal profession, having worked for various personal injury law firms, volunteering at community legal centres and working for Judges at the County Court of Victoria and the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

    Benny recognises that assisting people at a time where they are most vulnerable is a privilege and he strives to achieve the best outcome possible for them.

    To find out more about Benny and how he can help you with your TAC claim, please contact our Sunshine or Werribee office on 03 8527 0200.


    Professional Qualifications and Admissions

    Admitted, Supreme Court of Victoria

    Bachelor of Law

    Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice

    Advanced Diploma of Justice


    Memberships and Associations

    Law Institute of Victoria

    LIV Young Lawyers



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