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No Win - No Charge

Rebekah Case

    Rebekah Case
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    “I’m proud of the fact that the work I do each day can make a real difference for people who are going through the worst experience of their lives.”

    When Rebekah Case is your lawyer, she’ll update you on your claim before you even get the chance to call and ask.

    Having a more than $1 million ruling for a client among her recent wins, she feels that making a difference to a person’s life is worth going that ‘extra mile’ for the best possible outcome.

    Rebekah began her career at Zaparas Lawyers as a trainee in 2013 while still studying for her Law/Arts degree at Deakin University. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Law at Monash University to further enhance her legal skills.

    Rebekah is a children’s tutor across a range of subjects for more than 12 years, enjoying helping young people learn new things.

    She is proud to work at Zaparas Lawyers, valuing the firm’s genuinely client-focused approach and its ‘no win, no charge’ policy, which gives clients certainty during difficult times.