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No Win - No Fee



    You’ve already paid enough

    At Zaparas, we feel you’ve already paid a high enough price, so we’ll happily cover our costs if we don’t win your case. And when we do win, you’ll get to keep more of the money as our hourly rates are a lot less than the big law firms.

    We’ve seen how traumatic and life changing these incidents can be, so we understand how important it is that you don’t have to worry about the financial side of your claim. It’s why we’ve based our business on the foundation of ‘No win, no charge’ and have even extended this policy to cover your other expenses like medical reports, court and barrister fees. Unlike our competitors we do not require you to sign up to expensive litigation lending arrangements.

    We do this because we believe that everyone should have access to the best legal representation and client care, not just those who can afford it.