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No Win - No Fee

Our Goal

    Helping you to move on

    With over 40 years specialising in compensation and insurance law, we know a great deal about these type of claims. And as a family business, we’ve seen the impact they have on people’s lives and what that can mean for you and your family. 

    So when you first meet us, we’ll take our time getting to know your story. This will give us a deep understanding of what happened, and how it’s affecting your emotional and financial wellbeing. 

    We’ll then do everything in our power to make the legal process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. 

    Experience has shown us that these one-on-one meetings with you always work better, which makes for a better claim.

    This has made us not only good listeners, but better lawyers. Our unique combination of compassion and legal excellence has led to an extremely high success rate for our clients.

    What’s more, we do this without any financial risk to you whatsoever. We absorb the costs of litigation upfront, so our ‘No win, no charge’ policy really does mean just that.

    Our number one goal is for you to get your life back on track. 

    No matter who you are, we believe in positive outcomes that help you and your family to move on.

    Our history

    Peter and Lia Zaparas founded Zaparas Lawyers in 1981 with a strong legal intellect and a genuine spirit of caring and collaboration.

    As their business grew, so did their family, so they couldn’t have been prouder than when their three children (Yianni, Paul and Zoe) joined the firm themselves.

    Now, the wider family has grown to over 140 members, all with a genuine desire to care for people and help put them and their families on the road to recovery. The entire team not only cares about getting justice through the law, but is also deeply concerned about the welfare and interests of our clients. This is at the centre of everything we do.

    All together, our team has many years of experience and knowledge of all areas of compensation and insurance law, making us the right people to help you and your family seek closure and begin to move on.