Compensation for lung diseases


Zaparas Lawyers have an expert team who can advise you on your rights if you have an asbestos related injury. Asbestos related injuries may manifest many years after the initial exposure and are capable of causing various lung diseases such as lung cancer, mesothelioma, pleural fibrosis and asbestosis. Although it is accepted that Asbestos is a major cause of lung diseases and death and is no longer used in the building and commercial industry, it can still be found in various building and manufacturing products such as old cement sheets, paints, sealants, fire proofing products, roofing and pipes.

If you have suffered an asbestos related injury or are concerned about a potential asbestos exposure we can advise you on and pursue the following benefits:

  1. Those exposed to asbestos in the work place may be entitled to workers’ compensation entitlements including weekly payments of compensation and payment of medical and associated expenses

  2. Common law damages may be awarded to you if it is shown that the exposure to asbestos was totally or partially the fault of your employer or another liable party

  3. Superannuation entitlements such as total permanent disability claims, income protection and early release of superannuation monies.