Public liability

Unexpected injury or death

Public liability

Unexpected injury or death is a tragedy. Even more so when it occurs as a result of the failure of one party to protect another from potential hazards. If you or a member of your family have suffered in this way, the Zaparas Lawyers team will be able to help you assess, and then rigorously pursue, your claim to public liability compensation.

Examples of successful public liability claims won by Zaparas Lawyers include slips and trips in supermarkets, shopping centres, private businesses, aquatic centres and sporting arenas. Even injuries at private residences, public places, school yards and parks could result in a successful claim. You may be entitled to the recoupment of lost wages and medical expenses. Serious injury could also entitle you to a lump sum amount.

Together with public liability , we offer services in product liability and medical negligence. Should you suffer injury due to a defective product or incorrect medical diagnosis, surgery or treatment, we can assist you in relation to lost wages, medical expenses and lump sum claims.

In essence, if you suffer as a result of something that somebody else should have prevented, Zaparas Lawyers is here for you.