Insurance benefits relating to superannuation


A number of superannuation benefits are payable in circumstances where you or a loved one have suffered from the effects of an injury or illness that stopped that person from doing their usual job. A simple consultation with Zaparas Lawyers will help you identify the insurance benefits you may be able to claim.

These comprise of;

Total and permanent disability (TPD)

You may be eligible if you miss work for 6 months or more due to sickness or injury.

Income protection

If you are unable to work, Income Protection insurance could give you a monthly benefit for a certain period of time. This could be up to 75% of your gross income.


Specific injuries and defined medical conditions may entitle you to a lump sum payment even if you continue to work.


In the event of an account/policy holder’s death, a lump sum becomes payable to their beneficiaries such as a spouse or child.

You would be surprised to learn how many people neglect to claim the superannuation fund benefits that are owing to them. A quick chat with Zaparas Lawyers is all you need to prevent becoming one of them.