Benefits to injured workers


The workplace is safer today than it has ever been, but accidents can and do happen. Every worker has the right to expect total safety while on the job, but when things go wrong injured workers may be entitled to benefits from the Worksafe scheme.

Zaparas Lawyers are experts in workers compensation law. Whether an accident is sudden and traumatic, occurs gradually over time, or is the worsening of an old injury or problem, we can guide you towards the best way to achieve maximum Workers Compensation Benefits.

Your first visit is our chance to get to know you and understand your situation and concerns. It may also be one of the most important conversations you will ever have. We will outline all your rights and provide an accurate assessment of your compensation entitlements. In many cases, this compensation can be life changing.

As a worker, you are not alone. Zaparas Lawyers issues hundreds of Workcover cases every year from the Magistrates’ Court to the High Court, and we give each and every one our full and undivided attention. Our clients deserve nothing less.

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We pursue all potential benefits with equal tenacity, including;

Medical and the like expenses

The necessary expenses such as doctors, medications, and conservative and operative treatments.

Weekly payments

Often payable when a worker is unfit for work due to a work-related injury. Even when a worker’s entitlement to weekly payments is terminated by the Workcover insurer, it is possible to have the decision overturned on appeal.

Lump sum payments / Common law

When a worker sustains a permanent injury they may be entitled to lump sum compensation. This may be via a Section 98C Impairment Benefit or a Common Law settlement requiring proof that a worker has sustained a serious injury caused by the employer’s negligent conduct. Either way, Zaparas Lawyers will efficiently access the greatest compensation to which an injured worker is entitled.