What matters to us is what our clients have to say about their experience once issues are resolved. Below are some of the notes we have received from people we have represented.

Zorica August 2017

Matthew Andrews and Stephanie Zollo have been very helpful. I would recommend them to anyone!

Deon August 2017

After first having another law firm to look after my case, I was confused and lost on how someone in my situation after a large car accident could be treated the way I was.

In dismay I got some advice from my pain management specialist to contact Zaparas Lawyers.Best thing I could have ever done.

After my first meeting with Zaparas, I knew I had found someone that had my best interests at heart. Gabriella Boyd was always available to answer any questions I had throughout the entire legal process. She was always quick to respond to emails and I always felt that she cared about how my case was proceeding.

Without Gabriella Boyd and Peter Zaparas, I wouldn't have had the outcome I now have.

Ahmad August 2017

Always called back and ensured everything was done straight away. Always on top of things.

Tian July 2017

Over the years we have met with many lawyers for both private and business related matters. Zaparas Lawyers are the best; we're very happy. 

Anne July 2017

Sach Fernando was very considerate in relation to my emotional state. He listened carefully to every detail and left no stone unturned, he was very responsive with prompt attention to my queries.

Sach made me feel reassured at all times and never gave up, even when I felt I couldn't go on with it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

Darko July 2017

I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank Zaparas Lawyers for looking after me with my injury. I would also like to thank Timothy Jackson and Daniel Vissenjoux for the work they have done for me with my injury claims.

Chris May 2017

One on one meetings with lawyers. Was very relaxed and I didn't feel nervous. I felt like a person, not a number.

Thomas May 2017

Sach and Marin were there for all my needs and explained what I was not sure of. I am very thankful for their input and understanding of my situation.

Anonymous May 2017

I would like to thank everyone for their support during my case. As much as it was a stressful time going through the ups and downs of my case, the staff, especially Jennifer Pohl, made things a lot more easier to endure. Thank you so much, Jennifer. 

Justin April 2017

My lawyer, Jennifer Pohl, has done an amazing job at keeping me up to date and explaining things at my level.

She always made sure I had a clear understanding of what was going on and what the next steps were. I also feel that there was a genuine understanding of my situation.

Reneta March 2017

Caring, client orientated support. Kind and thoughtful attitude.

Danijela March 2017

All communication was clear, in detail and always in a timely manner.

I am extremely satisfied with everything and I would recommend Zaparas Lawyers to everyone if they ever need legal help or advice.

Andrew February 2017

Whilst our case is yet to be finalised, we have been extremely happy with our case management and Jennifer Pohl. If all your legal counsel are as good as Jennifer, we would recommend Zaparas Lawyers to anyone.

Thank you for making us always feel special and your willingness to explain everything in a way we can easily understand.

Bandara January 2017

Thank you Yianni, Sach and the team for such a fantastic job. You treated me with a lot of respect and dignity.

You have done more than your job - I would recommend you to anyone that needs true help. 

Lalith January 2017

I was very happy with Zaparas Lawyers when I went through my case. I am very thankful, especially to Sach, for handling my case so well.

I would recommend Zaparas Lawyers to anyone needing help.

Dona December 2016

I have been working with Sach for the past year or so and I must say the experience has been nothing but professional, understanding and very smooth sailing.

Sach has made me feel welcome at all occasions and always made time to answer my questions whether it was a quick call or just an email.

Sach is a great asset to your company and I'd like to thank him for his hard work and effort. I wish him all the best for his future.

Rodica December 2016

My mum was a client of Zaparas Lawyers with Yianni Zaparas and Sach Fernando as our lawyers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both our lawyers and their highly professional team and the support they have given us throughout our case.

What an outstanding job they did in winning our case.

Sach Fernando a Senior Associate was invaluable in helping us through our difficult time. After my mum suffered a serious back injury at her workplace, we didn’t know which end was up. We were dealing with doctors, medical bills, and the overwhelming emotions involved in knowing my mum would never be the person she once was.

I am especially grateful to Sach Fernando for all his hard work, legal advice, commitment and treating us with the outmost respect throughout mum's case.

I would definitely recommend Zaparas Lawyers to anyone that is prepared to fight and win!

Sach and Yianni thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have both done, and your continued support still to this day....I am forever grateful.

Kind Regards

Caroline November 2016

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Sach Fernando for your assistance with my dad’s matter. You have been of great assistance to us. You actually made this process very simple. I was initially wary of the whole process as I thought it was going to be difficult and very involved.

I would highly recommend Sach Fernando to other family, friends and colleagues. 

Caroline (on behalf of her father, Zivko)

Nadi September 2016

I am very happy with Zaparas Lawyers. Yianni Zaparas made me feel I could trust him to win my case from the first meeting I had with him. Staff were very helpful and other Lawyers were very good at their job.

Lyn September 2016

I am happy with what you did for me even though Brian was not around, you still continued to fight for what I am entitled to. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Paul and Mary for your help with the work cover to pay me for my injury.

Diane September 2016

Reception very obliging. Service was of the highest quality. Thank you all.

Tapene August 2016

Nathan was very supportive and understanding. He gave us clear information on the process. We were very satisfied with the way Nathan handled the case. It was a pleasure to have been represented by him.

Gwendoline June 2016

Zaparas provided me with sounds advice in regards to my current and future situation, with which I was able to make an informed decision in regards to my matters. Zaparas took care of my every need and I was very satisfied with the service I was provided.

Alexandra May 2016

Thank you to Zaparas lawyers for taking care of everything during this difficult time. Although the process seemed very daunting, my fears and anxieties were relieved due to the professional nature of the team at Zaparas. They took care of everything and always returned my calls. No question was too silly for them to answer. I will be forever grateful for their hard work and dedication to my case. I was kept up to date through every step of the process and was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I would highly recommend using Zaparas lawyers and have recommended them to friends and family. Thank you so much.

Krisantha April 2016

In 2013, I was injured at work place and sustained serious back injury. Hours of physiotherapy and counseling helped me to feel a bit better but I continued to suffer mentally and physically very severely. Later on I also realize that my insurer was gradually minimizing their support for me. I was finding it hard to argue with them.

At that time a friend of mine introduced me to Sach Fernando, the Senior Solicitor from Zaparas Lawyers who looked after my case along with Yianni Zaparas.

Sach was straightforward and honest in explaining everything so that I understood. He was very polite answering all my questions throughout. I gained confidence from knowing I was on the right track.

I was granted a serious injury certificate and my claim had settled smoothly and successfully. And also their charge was very reasonable. I highly recommend professional lawyers such as Zaparas Lawyers. With their experience and excellent systematic approach to individual cases gains a successful outcome.

Finally, my settlement won’t ever fix my back but this has shown me there are people out there (Sach and Yianni) that will fight for you and show you that you deserve it.

I will be forever grateful to the team at Zaparas Lawyers. Please accept my warm sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart plus my gratitude and warm welcome to all the staff who work there also.

Valerie April 2016

They took good care of me. They listened to every word I said.

Tony and Samantha January 2016

Dear Sach,

Both Samantha and I would like to take a moment to say thank you -  for your guidance and tireless work in reaching a goal that neither of us ever expected.

Your ability to remain cool and calm under pressure along with your unwavering professionalism whilst not losing focus of the bigger picture was extremely  reassuring for both us.

Thanks Sach
Kindest Regards

Tony and Samantha

Cameron December 2015

To Zaparas Lawyers,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the time and effort expended by your legal service, especially by Sach Fernando in resolving my Workcover claim with Toll IPEC.

I was afforded, at all times, courtesy and prompt attention to all my enquiries and kept well informed of the progress of my claim. More importantly, I was always kept abreast of the delicate negotiations involved in such cases and provided with sufficient background information for the legal decisions you took on my behalf. To a layman like myself, this was vitally important in understanding the complexities involved in resolving the issue.

I am especially grateful for Mr Sach Fernando’s commitment in reaching a settlement which was in the end less stressful for me.

Once again, many thanks to you and Mr Fernando for the great service I received from your legal firm. You can be sure that I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone who may need sound legal advice.

Yours sincerely


Munish March 2015

Thanks very much for your help, you have been amazing and I can't write in words the job you have done for me, I mean to say it can not be explained in words, the whole case went so smooth just because you were there for me, you are really masters of your trade, I am highly obliged for all you did for me,

Thanks very very much,


Nilanthi March 2015

I would like to thank Yianni Zaparas and his highly professional team for the support they have given me for last 3 years.

I approached Yianni Zaparas in 2012 to take on my work cover claim.  I found Yianni’s legal team to be highly professional and reliable. They treated me with utmost respect so that I never felt like I was just another customer, but an individual they genuinely wanted to help. They were there to talk and listen to me any time I needed them, and any issues were dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.

In the end it was Sach Fernando, the Senior Solicitor from Zaparas Lawyers who looked after my case along with Yianni Zaparas. It was a smooth, if long, journey and I am very grateful for their patience and endless assistance.

I would not hesitate to recommend Zaparas Lawyers to anyone who needs legal advise on Public Liability, TAC and Work Cover. I have no doubt that they will achieve the best for you!


Ana December 2015

Without the professional help of the team at Zaparas I would still be swimming in the quagmire that is our legal system. Their guidance and perseverance ensured the quickest and best possible outcome for my case.

Kind regards,


John September 2014

My name is John. In September 2006 I was involved in a car accident and sustained a serious injury from another driver’s errors. I waited at first, hoping it would naturally heal, but I eventually began to realise the gravity of my situation. I also began to realise that my insurer was using using every legal means they could to minimise their support for me. I was finding it hard to argue with them. Coping with my injury left me with no energy for that challenge, and I felt they were taking advantage of this fact. It was around this time that a relative recommended Zaparas Lawyers.

It took just one call to them and a first meeting was arranged. This was attended by Peter and Zoe Zaparas. The meeting was informal and relaxed, and they showed sensitivity and understanding. I could sense they were experienced in helping others and understood the impact my life-changing event was having. They assured me that they knew how to negotiate with authorities like my insurer, so I agreed to their support.

Zaparas Lawyers worked hard for me; arranging meetings with all kinds of expert professionals,and  gathering the evidence needed for my case. They were thorough in their efforts, and it was great to no-longer have the added pressure of dealing with my insurer, alone, on top of dealing with my injury. Peter Zaparas, Zoe Zaparas and Katie Minogue were always available to chat with me on the phone or reply to my emails about any questions or concerns that came up. I was kept up-to-date at all times about each step of the process and its progress. I never felt overwhelmed, and their advice was always helpful. Zaparas Lawyers’ thoroughness also meant that as time went by my confidence in my ability to handle the situation grew.

The outcome of my claim was better than expected and I was given the time and freedom to understand the legal reasoning involved. It’s now been a few years since my accident. My injuries haven't fully healed, but I am managing them as best I can. I feel that contacting Zaparas Lawyers made everything easier for me. I’m extremely grateful for all that they have done. They helped me to realise that help is available in tough times, and that we don’t have to face such issues alone. They do a great job. I strongly recommend their services to others who may be going through a similar situation.



Paul June 2014

My name is Paul and in March 2012 I was involved in a car accident and had a few injuries resulting from another driver running a red light. When processing my claim there was so much paperwork I had to fill out. I didn't know what I was entitled to and didn't understand the legal side of it all, so I called a friend of mine who recommended Zaparas to me, and now I'm going to recommend them to you. From our very first meeting with Zaparas Lawyers, and the advice from Peter Zaparas and Lauren Johnston, I felt a sense of relief from the stress that I was going through waiting to have approval for operations I needed as well as recovering from other injuries.

Peter and Lauren took care of everything for me including all the paper work and the phone calls that had to be made to everyone in relation to my claim. Each step of moving forward with my claim Lauren or Peter would contact me with a phone call or an email. They stood by me every step of the way. It's true that actions speak louder than words and that's exactly what Peter and Lauren have done for me.

The outcome of my claim was fair and a greater result for myself and my wife than what we thought I would get. We both had tears in our eyes. In case you are wondering I have had my operations and now recovering well. From the  bottom of my heart I would like to thank Peter and Lauren from Zaparas Lawyers for all their efforts, advice, guidance and just for caring.

Thank you both.


Artiom August 2014

Outstanding service! Always only a phone call away to offer me help and support through every stage of my claim. Zaparas helped me get the best possible outcome after my motorcycle accident. I am very happy and will recommend to all my friends. Thank you.

Wayne August 2014

I am very happy with Zaparas Lawyers. They treated me like family and I would easily recommend them to a friend. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the case.

Michael August 2014

I found my experience with the team at Zaparas a positive one, and would strongly recommend them to friends and family if the need arises. From the first Phone call to the actual person to person meeting I found the Professionalism and compassion shown by Peter and his team put me at ease and made the whole experience seamless and as stress free as possible from start to end. The Team at Zaparas gave me the strength, confidence and support to be able to confront my employer and obtain closure for that dark chapter in my life.

Savi March 2014

About 2 years ago I was unfortunate enough to have a car accident which resulted in a back injury.

I contacted Zaparas Lawyers to help me with all the legal matters and from the beginning I was very impressed with their professionalism and the support they had provided.

It was mostly Katie who looked after me, she was very friendly, approachable and understanding, just like everyone else in the office.

They always made me feel welcome, explained everything in details, I felt comfortable every time I had to contact them or ask any questions.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal representation.

Kind regards,


Gorgi August 2013

Dear Yianni,

I don’t normally write expressions of thanks but my experience with you and your organisation was so helpful I feel duty bound to write something.There are many nice words I could choose, but I’m limiting myself to two.

1. Support
It is quite stressful to go through a process that you don’t know anything about and means so much. Your assurances and reassurances over the journey have been invaluable to give me peace of mind.

2. Professional
You clearly understood all about the legal process and knowing how insurance companies behave, you gave me realistic feedback on how our matter will play out. I’m grateful you never over promised on anything. Setting realistic expectations I think shows a credibility and trustworthiness which you should be extremely proud.

Thank you again for leading me through a most difficult process.

Yours faithfully,


Timucin July 2013

Dear Yianni,

I want to express to you my dearest gratitude in assisting me throughout my recent WorkCover case.

I was very impressed with your knowledge, reliable advice, timely adherence to any matters, constant support, professionalism and fantastic work ethic. The whole process was very easy and we were always made to feel part of the Zaparas Family from the beginning right through to the end.

My result was very satisfying and I have no hesitation in referring you to any family or friends who are in need of legal representation and advice.

Thank you again for a positive outcome and experience.

Warm regards,


Recep June 2013

To Zaparas Lawyers

I would like to thank all staff, with special thanks to my favourite friends, Yianni, Margarita, Derya, Peter, Paul and the front desk girls.

Over the past four years, communication has been respectful and relaxed. I will certainly speak to you again if I require your help in the future for any legal issues. I assume you have me as your best client as a referral to other potential clients!

Thank you again and I look forward to an ongoing relationship.


Robert June 2013

Hi Yianni,

I recently had a work place accident resulting in a back injury that required two spinal operations leaving me disabled with no job or income.

Not knowing what to do, I approached Zaparas Lawyers to take on my case to seek compensation. Not only were they professional, but they treated me with the utmost respect and made me feel like one of the family. They explained everything very clearly and in great detail. We received a very successful outcome.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Zaparas Lawyers to anyone who requires legal representation.

Yours sincerely,


Debbie April 2013

To Zaparas Lawyers,

I would like to thank Yianni and his hard working team for the support they have given me over the past few years.

I had a workcover claim and I was handed a business card with Yianni Zaparas's name on it.

I would have never been able to get through the process without the knowledge, advice and professionalism that his team helped me through.

I have the utter most respect for Yianni and his family. His father Peter was just like a Dad, always smiling and reassuring me that I will get through this.

Well done to the Zaparas family and there wonderful staff,