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No Win - No Fee

    Zaparas Lawyers welcomes you to attend this live, online and interactive meeting with Medical and Legal experts, on the topic of Back Injuries.


    Find out what your treatment options are and know your rights to entitlements under the compensable schemes, including WorkCover and TAC.


    Please see below for more information on the event and details on how to register. 

    Webinar Details

    27th August 2020
    Please note this is a FREE webinar

    Providing short presentations will be:

    Personal Injury Law expert, on the topic of:

    What are my entitlements to benefits and compensation following an Injury?

    Neurosurgeon, on the topic of:

    When is surgery appropriate following a back injury?

    Pain Specialist, on the topic of:

    What on earth is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

    Webinar Starts

    27th August 2020

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