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No Win - No Charge



    19 Jul 2021

    Workers at risk of contracting COVID-19

    The nature of particular occupations, places or processes involved with a worker’s employment can cause or contribute to the development of an illness or disease or in the recurrence, aggravation or acceleration of a pre-existing injury or disease.

    life insurance
    01 Jul 2021

    What happens to my super if I die?
    Superannuation death benefits explained. 

    What is a Procedural Fairness Letter?
    23 Jun 2021

    What is a Procedural Fairness Letter?

    When an Insurer intends on declining your Total and Permanent Disablement (“TPD”) or Income Protection (“IP”), they will send you a Procedural Fairness letter.

    Easier and faster access to WorkCover Entitlements for those workers exposed to Silica
    21 Jun 2021

    If you are or were exposed to respirable silica dust at work and have been diagnosed with silicosis with or without lung cancer and/or scleroderma you may be automatically entitled to WorkCover entitlements. 

    Statutory maximum of over $630,000 achieved for one of our terminally ill WorkCover clients.
    18 Jun 2021

    Zaparas Lawyers has assisted one of their terminally ill WorkCover occupational disease clients achieve the statutory maximum non-economic payment in the form of an impairment benefit of over $630,000. This is just one of a number of successful statutory maximum outcomes achieved in recent years for the firm’s terminally ill clients.

    National Road Safety Week 2021
    14 May 2021

    Every day we depend on roadways to connect us to the people we love and the things we do. We trust these roadways to keep our supply chains running and to get us home safely, yet, at times people do get injured. The number of fatalities and serious injuries on Australian roads are rising every year, these numbers although high, are preventable.