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Newspaper article about school bullying public liability claim

Bullying at School – Can I make a Public Liability Claim?

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Please note that this post was written for Victorian audiences and the information within may not apply to other regions.

In a recent article in the Herald Sun, ‘Ex-pupil sues over ‘bullying’ at school’ published on 5 September 2020 you were introduced to one of our clients, who had been the victim of repeated bullying during their senior high school years.

Our client endured both physical and verbal bullying. Despite the school being aware of the bullying, it continued. As a result, our client has suffered a significant, long-term psychological injury. We are now working with our client to facilitate a just compensatory outcome.

Sadly, bullying at school is a common occurrence which can cause long term consequences if it is allowed to continue. Schools have a duty to help protect children from injury while they are in their care. As such, schools need to deal with reports of bullying promptly and effectively.

You may have a public liability claim if….

  1. You or your child are or have been the victim of bullying at school; and
  2. The school was aware of the bullying but failed to take any reasonable steps to stop/prevent it; and
  3. You or your child has suffered a psychological or physical injury.

If this sounds like what you or your child has been going through, contact Zaparas Lawyers Public Liability team on (03) 8527 0200.