No Win - No Charge

    Injured? What to do?

    Trust Zaparas,
    Trust our family to care for you.

    For 40 years we have guided, supported and cared for injured victorians.

    Our promise to you - to assess your claim, at no cost to you, and give you the best advice.

    We are a proud family and firm who will do everything to make sure we support, guide and look after you as best as possible.

    If you are injured, you need the best in your corner to look after you, your family and future. Calling Zaparas, is a small step but an important step. It will not affect your employment or cost you anything to speak to a Personal Injury Expert from Zaparas. You will be treated like family and your rights will be considered in their fullest by the very best.

    What are you entitled to?

    If or when your claim is accepted, what will you be entitled to?

    • Medical and like expenses

    • Loss of income

    • Lump sum compensation

    • Common law claims

    At Zaparas Lawyers, our experienced lawyers are experts in compensation law. We’ll be able to maximise the benefits you receive, giving you and your family peace of mind.


    • What will it cost you to call and find out what your rights are?

      Nothing - further we are no win no fee and only charge if you go ahead and make a claim and receive a lump sum and we only charge you a small proportion of your compensation as a maximum. If all you want is some advice and support – we are here and it wont cost you anything.

    • Will my employer or insurer find out about it if I call?

      It’s a private and confidential conversation.

    • Do I need to speak to a lawyer if my injury may resolve and I want to remain at work?

      If you can stay at work and not make a claim or further claim that’s fantastic, but you and your family deserve to know about your rights just in case.

    • Who pays for reports If I need them to get treatment paid, or weekly payments paid or making a claim for lump sum compensation?

      Zaparas pays for everything and we don’t need litigation funds to pay for reports or other expenses like other firms who charge you interest in addition to the cost of your reports.