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    What matters to us most is what our clients have to say about their experience once everything has been resolved. Below are some of the messages we have received from people we’ve represented.

    What they have to say

    Jun 2018

    Marin and Nicole provided great support and they were very encouraging. I am happy with their work.

    Jun 2018

    My lawyer, Saira Griffin, made me feel very comfortable with the process, especially considering the fact I had no prior knowledge of the system. Also, she was extremely efficient and helpful in all matters pertaining to my case and was very patient and understanding.

    Jun 2018

    Marin and Nicole gave me a lot of hope. Marin will go very far to help and I was comfortable with him as he is also friendly - like a psychologist and lawyer in one. Nicole was lovely.

    I would recommend Marin and Nicole to anyone. 

    May 2018

    At first, I was sceptical about seeing a lawyer. I was angry, depressed and confused. After my first meeting with Paul and Rania, I felt calm and reassured that they were honest, professional and most importantly they had my best interests at heart.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Zaparas Lawyers, especially Paul and Rania for handling my claim. I highly recommend Zaparas Lawyers.

    May 2018

    After my consultation with Zaparas I knew I was going to move forward.

    Matt Andrews looked after my TPD claim. He clearly communicated the process, kept me informed and was real about outcomes.

    Thank you for your help. 

    Apr 2018

    Marin Karlos and Nicole Iapichello did everything extremely well! They guided us every step of the way, always delivered on their promises and were very prompt in responding to our needs. 

    Mar 2018

    I think Marin Karlos did everything well! I am extremely happy and he was always available to answer all my questions. He has a very pleasant demeanour and I would recommend Marin to anyone. Thank you.

    Mar 2018

    Lara did an excellent job, very friendly and professional! Thank you to Zaparas Lawyers for all the help.