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High Court victory

    High Court victory: Zaparas wins safeguards for Victoria’s car accident victims
    20 September 2017

    High Court victory: Zaparas wins safeguards for Victoria’s car accident victims

    Zaparas Lawyers has this week won a major safeguard for motor vehicle accident victims across the state who suffer psychological injuries.

    The victory comes after the High Court of Australia agreed with the Victorian Court of Appeal that the County Court erred in originally ruling that Zaparas’ client did not suffer severe psychological injuries from a motor vehicle accident.

    The client, who cannot be named for privacy reasons, was involved in a car accident while traveling on the Princes Highway in July 2010.

    The accident left her with physical injuries that required hospitalisation, as well as mental injuries from which she has not recovered.

    After her original application for a serious injury certificate on the basis of her mental injuries was denied by the County Court in August 2015, Zaparas Lawyers successfully appealed and overturned the original decision.

    Following Zaparas’ successful appeal, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) themselves appealed to the High Court to reinstate the initial verdict.

    In an outcome that will help safeguard the common law rights of all victims of motor vehicle accidents in Victoria who suffer psychological injuries, a unanimous decision by the High Court this week dismissed the TAC’s appeal.

    Zaparas Lawyers senior associate Isabelle Murphy LLB BA, who worked on the case, said that the outcome was an important victory for not just the client, but all motor vehicle accident victims in Victoria.

    Firm partner, Zoe Zaparas LLB, said the result was a real vindication of the hard work by the motor vehicle accidents team at Zaparas Lawyers.

    ‘This was a hard-fought victory and in the end it’s great to see the High Court uphold the result of our appeal.

    ‘While we now have to go back to the County Court to fight for the client’s serious injury certificate again, we know that psychological injuries are just as important as physical ones and will be steadfast in our efforts to achieve the best possible outcome for our client.’

    Media contact: Briele Heath (8527 0200)