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Zaparas Lawyers secures client million dollar settlement

    Zaparas Lawyers secures client million dollar settlement
    03 April 2018

    Zaparas Lawyers secures client million dollar settlement

    Zaparas Lawyers has achieved a significant settlement of $1 million for a client after he was injured by a vehicle whilst at work.

    The complex matter, known as a “straddle claim” as it involves claims to both WorkCover and the Transport Accident Commission, settled out of court and saw the statutory maximum for pain and suffering reached.

    The client, who cannot be named for privacy reasons, suffered the injury in 2015 after an out-of-control truck entered the construction site he was working on. The truck struck the client, dragging him several metres along the ground, before the vehicle came to a stop and pinning him between the vehicle and a retaining wall.

    As a result of the accident, the client suffered fractures in both legs, as well as a fracture in his right ankle, extensive scarring and significant psychological injuries.

    After being released from hospital in November 2015, the client has been unable to return to work and evidence supplied by his medical team indicated that he would never be able to do so.

    Zaparas Lawyers’ Jennifer Pohl, who along with Trent Vittorio had responsibility for the carriage of the file, noted just how significant the injuries to the client were.

    “To be trapped with two broken legs for almost an hour before being freed is undoubtedly an immensely traumatic experience. As a result, our client will never have the chance to go to work again. This significant settlement will have a major impact on our client’s life, helping him to move on.”

    Partner Yianni Zaparas said that the outcome was a significant result for the client.

    “To have very little prospect of ever returning to work, as is the case in this example, has a great impact on the life of the victim and their family” he said.

    “As a firm we’re proud to have been able to deliver on the trust that the client has placed in us to secure the compensation we always knew he deserved.”

    Media contact: Bastian Simrajh (8527 0200)