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Stuart Macleod

Senior Associate

Meet Stuart Macleod

With more than 20 years of experience in legal firms in Australia and the UK, Stuart Macleod brings a wealth of knowledge to Zaparas Lawyers’ Queensland practice.

He has a passion for getting his clients the best possible compensation in the shortest possible time.

He always seeks to understand his clients’ stories so he can best help them seek legal redress regardless of how difficult that task may be made by employers, government bodies or the insurance industry.

Stuart brings a unique understanding to his work, having grown up in the UK during the 1980’s where he witnessed firsthand mass job losses and the erosion of workers’ rights.

It was these events that prompted him to enter the legal profession – to “redress the balance between the little guy and the big end of town.”

Stuart joined Zaparas Lawyers in 2017, choosing it as an authentic firm that truly cared about its clients.

“Zaparas is compassionate and caring but with a real tenacity to ensure it achieves the best possible outcome for clients,” he says‚

“You feel like part of the family, a family that cares about its clients and its staff.”

“I believe Queenslanders should be fully aware of their legal rights and have affordable access to the justice they and their families deserve.”
Practice Areas
WorkCover, CTP (Road Accident), Superannuation, Public Liability, Occupational Diseases, Asbestos, Silicosis
Upper Coomera, Brisbane