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No Win - No Charge

Yianni Zaparas

    Yianni Zaparas
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    "I have an enormous level of passion for ensuring that our clients get the very best outcomes we can deliver."

    When Yianni Zaparas joined the family business in 2004, it had 10 employees.

    Fast forward to today, and the rapidly growing firm that bears his family name now has more than 100 employees.

    But the work culture at Zaparas Lawyers – and its emphasis on compassion, empathy and hard work – has remained unchanged since its earliest days.

    Now a partner, Yianni aims to be involved in every case that comes through the door, always doing his utmost to help and support clients through some of the toughest times they will face.

    Fluent in the Greek language, he is local soccer fan and a proud member of the Western Bulldogs football club.