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    Compensation law
    Compensation Law

    Zaparas Lawyers are committed to protecting the rights of the people of Coomera and all Queenslanders.

    Superannuation claim?

    If you cannot work through injury or illness, you might be eligible to claim superannuation insurance benefits.


    Suffering a loss can be life changing, but so can the right legal advice. Our lawyers are compensation law experts, dedicated to getting the people of Coomera, and all Queenslanders, the best possible legal outcome.

    It’s why we take our time getting to know your story. By combining our listening skills with our legal excellence we’ve managed to achieve an extremely high success rate for our clients. At no financial risk to you.

    So no matter who you are, we believe that everyone’s entitled to the best legal representation and client care. Because our number one goal is helping you to move on.