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Register your Exposure

Register your exposure or suspected exposure to occupational hazards

The nature of particular occupations, places or process involved with a worker’s employment can cause or contribute to the development of an illness or disease or in the aggravation or acceleration of a pre-existing disease. The period between exposure and the onset of symptoms can be lengthy by decades for some diseases and illness. If you have worked with a hazardous substance and developed a known or suspected occupational disease or simply wish to record your exposure to a hazardous substance in case you may be diagnosed with a disease or illness in the future, please complete our occupational disease register below or alternatively contact our office for a free initial consultation on 1800 927 272.

If you are a volunteer or someone who assists a government agency and develops an occupational disease whilst carrying out relevant duties then you may be entitled to statutory WorkCover compensation. You may also complete the below register or contact our firm following which we can advise whether or not you are eligible to pursue WorkCover compensation.

If you have a condition that may not be able to be linked to your occupation, you may still be able to access superannuation and personal insurance benefits. Please contact our firm on 1800 927 272 to explore your potential entitlements.