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No Win - No Fee

A win for workers exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace

    A win for workers exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace

    A former Nylex Mentone factory worker has been awarded over $600,000 after it was discovered that his terminal illness was a result from repeated exposure to a toxic chemical at his workplace. The man is now dying from Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS), a cancer-like illness that is also known as a pre-leukemic disorder.

    Zaparas Lawyers have a proud history of successful claims seeking justice for workers who have fallen ill due to exposure to toxic chemicals, dust or sun in the workplace.

    “The final payout we secured for our client was over $600,000, which is the maximum he could have received under the law” said Ms Vandenberg, the Zaparas lawyer working on this case stated. “This payout was significant for securing the financial future of my client and his family.”

    “He is so relaxed. It made our lives so much easier. He was speechless when they informed us of the outcome” his daughter said after the payout.

    Chemicals and fumes are often inhaled or absorbed through the skin resulting in serious and sometimes terminal illnesses. In some cases, symptoms of an injury or illness may not appear for many months or years - often after you’ve left the workplace.


    If you believe you have had your health compromised at work, or know someone who has, talk to one of our dedicated personal injury lawyers. We’re committed to helping you get the compensation you deserve.


    What’s more, we do this without any financial risk to you whatsoever. We absorb the costs of investigation and litigation upfront, so our ‘No win, No charge’ policy really does mean just that.


    Learn more about occupational diseases and your potential rights and entitlements.