Tradies National Health Month

Published on 05 August 2021
Tradies are an integral part of our workforce and our community. Their contribution to the workforce in Australia involves performing roles as our electricians, bricklayers, painters, carpenters, and plumbers.

The month of August marks Tradies National Health Month, which is an initiative to highlight and raise awareness around the health, wellbeing and injury risks that affect tradies.

According to Safe Work Australia, tradies account for up to 60% of serious workplace injuries, despite the profession only making up about 30% of the workforce. Injuries to tradies vary from traumatic joint injuries, wounds, lacerations, burns, musculoskeletal disorders, and dust-related diseases.

At Zaparas Lawyers, we understand being a tradie is hard work and requires early starts and involves physically demanding work. If you are a tradie or know someone who is, we encourage you to take some time this month to think about your health and safety and of those working around you.

If you are a tradie and have been injured at work or are suffering a work related illness, Zaparas Lawyers are here to help. Please contact us on (03) 8527 0200 or submit a FREE CLAIM CHECK ONLINE.

Your road to recovery begins here.

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