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    Claim your superannuation

    If you cannot work through injury or illness, you might be eligible to claim superannuation insurance benefits.

    Under your superannuation policy, you might be entitled to receive a lump sum or monthly payments in addition to any WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accident or Centrelink payments.

    By sharing your story with Zaparas as soon as possible, we can read through the small print of your superannuation policy and identify which of these insurance benefits you might be able to claim.

    To be eligible to claim, your policy simply needs to be in force either at the date last worked or the date of injury.

    What we offer

    Workers Compensation Step 1
    Workers Compensation Step 2
    Workers Compensation Step 3
    Workers Compensation Step 4
    Workers Compensation Step 5


    What sort of benefits could you be eligible for?

    Medical and like expenses

    Necessary expenses such as doctors, medications, and conservative and operative treatments.

    Weekly payments

    Often payable when a worker is unfit for work due to a work-related injury. Even when a worker’s entitlement to weekly payments is terminated by the WorkCover insurer, it is possible to have the decision overturned on appeal.

    Lump sum payments / Common law

    When a worker sustains a permanent injury they may be entitled to lump sum compensation. This may be via a Section 98C Impairment Benefit or a Common Law settlement requiring proof that a worker has sustained a serious injury caused by the employer’s negligent conduct. Either way, Zaparas Lawyers will efficiently access the greatest compensation to which an injured worker is entitled.

    I have a work injury, what can you do to help me? What can I expect?

    We specialise in helping injured workers. Over the years, we have successfully assisted many workers achieve their rights under Workers Compensation. You can expect that all resources will be invested into your claim without any regard to complexity, difficulty or cost.

    What does WorkCover entitle me to?

    Irrespective of how your injury occurred, if you are injured at work you could be entitled to a number of benefits. Under the Statutory WorkCover scheme you are entitled to financial benefits which are ‘no fault’ benefits paid by the WorkCover insurers’. These include:

    • Payment of weekly compensation when you are unable to work due to injury;
    • Payment of medical and like expenses; and
    • A lump sum for a permanent injury.

    What if my work is not the sole factor contributing to my injury?

    If you have been injured at work, or believe that your work contributed to your injury, then you may be entitled to receive the above WorkCover Statutory entitlements.

    The above WorkCover Statutory entitlements do not require fault and therefore your work does not have to be the sole factor that resulted in your injury.

    What if my injury occurred over a period of time? What if my injury is old?

    If your injury happened over a period of time you still have the same rights under the WorkCover Statutory Scheme.

    There are some Statutory time limitations in making your WorkCover Claim, therefore we recommend you come in and see one of our WorkCover specialists as soon as possible.

    I have an injury, what should I do next?

    Make an appointment to see one of our WorkCover specialists who will happily answer all of your questions and give you a detailed step-by-step explanation of your WorkCover rights.

    What do I need to bring along to my consultation?

    It is most beneficial that you bring all relevant documentation you have, such as completed claim forms, letters from the Insurer and your employer, medical reports, radiological investigations and any other documents that may be relevant.

    English is my second language? Are you able to provide an interpreter?

    Our firm has a diverse and multicultural team comprising of lawyers and law clerks who speak different languages including: Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Macedonian, Turkish and Singhalese. We also have a network of the very best interpreters who can attend interviews and appointments free of charge to our clients.

    How much will I pay in legal costs?

    When an injury is sustained, it is not only a traumatic and often life changing experience, it often causes great financial strain to the injured party and their family. This is why for 36 years Zaparas Lawyers has fought cases on a ‘No win, No charge’ basis. In simple terms, this means that you do not pay anything unless you win your case.

    Whilst receiving WorkCover benefits, can I claim any other insurance benefits?

    You may also be entitled to other claims such as:

    • Total and Permanent Disablement or Permanent Incapacity claims within your Superannuation Scheme;
    • Income Protection Claim; and
    • Incolink. 

    These schemes are dependant on your unique policy and they all hold various and specific requirements that need to be satisfied.

    What if I’m already a pre-existing WorkCover, Motor Vehicle Accident or Public Liability client at Zaparas Lawyers?

    In this case, the Superannuation team are often in an advantageous position to be able to make a better assessment of the likelihood of a successful claim for Superannuation Insurance benefits because we will usually have in our possession vital medical information from your previous Motor Vehicle Accident, WorkCover or other injury case. Our high success rate in superannuation claims is partly attributed to this as well as to the expertise in this area of the law by our dedicated Superannuation team.


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