Benefits to people injured in vehicle accidents


In an expanding society that needs to get around, accidents will inevitably occur on our transport systems. Thankfully the TAC was established by the Victorian Government to provide benefits to people injured in accidents involving cars, motorcycles, trains, trams, buses and bicycles.

Even more thankfully, Zaparas Lawyers has a wealth of experience in TAC matters, and will work alongside you to discover the full extent of your claim. As an injured person, you have entitlements regardless of who caused the accident, known as ‘no fault’ benefits.

As with many of the personal injury cases we handle, the effects of an unexpected and traumatic event can be far reaching, affecting not only the individuals involved, but also their families and friends. Zaparas Lawyers understands the true extent of transport trauma, and achieves a fine balance between sensitivity, respect and steadfast legal action when pursuing entitlements and compensation.

TAC Video

These include;

Medical and like expenses

All medical services and treatment that are reasonable and related to the accident. A medical excess applies before the TAC commences payment, but we are happy to help you reach your excess while protecting your entitlements.

Loss of earnings and loss of earning capacity

Loss of earnings benefits may be paid for up to 18 months to an earner who is unable to return to their pre-accident employment as a result of injuries sustained. After this period, loss of earning capacity benefits may be paid for a further 18 months.

Impairment benefit

A permanent impairment arising from an injury may entitle you to a lump sum compensation amount. Your level of impairment is assessed by independent examiners before the TAC determines whether you will receive a payment or not. It’s our job to ensure you are assessed fairly and reasonably and to dispute any decision made by the TAC that we believe to be unjust.

Common law damages

Over and above these benefits , you may be entitled to Common Law damages where it can be shown that the transport accident was wholly or partially the fault of another party and that you have been ‘ seriously injured’. Damages may include lump sum payments for pain and suffering and/or economic loss.

TAC claims have time limits, so it is vital that you speak to us as soon as possible after you have been injured in a transport accident.