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Zaparas achieves County Court win

    Zaparas achieves County Court win: Jury awards WorkCover claimant $660k
    20 September 2017

    Zaparas achieves County Court win: Jury awards WorkCover claimant $660K

    Zaparas Lawyers has secured a significant County Court verdict after a jury found in favour of its client and awarded over $660,000 in damages.

    The client, who cannot be named for privacy reasons, suffered major spinal injuries as a result of lifting heavy loads repetitively and unassisted in the course of her work in a Melbourne garment factory.

    The verdict was handed down by the jury on Thursday 24 August after they found that the employer was negligent in failing to provide its workers with adequate assistance for the lifting of heavy loads.

    The injuries sustained by the client have had a major impact on her life, preventing her from sitting for extended periods of time, travelling, or even standing long enough to cook a family meal.

    Zaparas Lawyers’ Nemra Raffoul LLB, who had responsibility for the file, said that the nature of her client’s injuries are very severe.

    ‘A workplace injury can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life, and we have seen that in this case. Workplace negligence has meant that our client has been left with an injury that has restricted her ability to ever return to work.’

    Partner Yianni Zaparas LLB BCom said that the firm was satisfied with the outcome.

    ‘We always believed in the merits of this case and that is why we have seen it all the way to end with a jury verdict,’ he said.

    ‘While no amount of money can ever be enough to fully compensate for an injury such as this, we hope that this significant figure can at least go some way toward easing our client’s substantial pain and suffering.’


    Media contact: Bastian Simrajh (8527 0200)