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No Win - No Fee

Hamish Kelly

    Hamish Kelly
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    “I believe that building respectful relationships and developing trust is intrinsic to being a good lawyer.”

    Hamish has a personal relationship when it comes to the law, having volunteered his legal services previously as well as further developing his own abilities at past legal firms. In his services he brings a respectful approach regarding his clients, fully understanding the stressful nature of legal processes associated with accident and injury.

    Growing up in rural Victoria, Hamish developed an understanding of the importance of family and community connections, which is what motivated him to utilise his education and profession to contribute positively to the community. This sentiment is what brought him to the firm, where he respects the familial feel throughout the organisation, as well as its commitment to guiding clients through their claims in a clear, concise and respectful manner, while delivering the best outcome possible.