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Sean O'Donohue

    Sean O'Donohue
    Trainee Lawyer
    Contact me:

    Sean O’Donohue is a trainee lawyer in Zaparas Lawyers Werribee office, specialising in motor vehicle accidents and TAC claims. He brings energy and enthusiasm to the role and very much enjoys working with, and for, his clients. 

    Sean has a real passion for the law and recognises that accident victims may need some help to navigate the complexities of the TAC processes and delights in helping his clients achieve the best result possible. Sean speaks Spanish and looks forward to working with the community in and around Werribee as a TAC lawyer. 

    ‘Any car or bike accident is traumatic for all involved – the driver, any passengers or even pedestrians – and it’s important to seek practical legal advice to ensure that accident victims receive all available support from the TAC’

    In his spare time Sean enjoys spending time with his wife and baby daughter, reading, and keeping fit - although he wishes that his golf drive was longer, and his tennis forehand had more top spin.


    • B.A., LLB (Hons)